Magazine ad of Lexus ES comes to life using CinePrint technology

Advertisements take many forms these days with a good dose of marketing tricks. And we really need to admit, they are designed to impress. They are actually pretty cool. We put on spotlight the latest magazine advertorial of the Lexus ES. The brand takes it a step further by making use of CinePrint to give the page a magical touch. The ad can be seen on Sports Illustrated issue dated 15 October.

Now you need the printed version of the magazine and iPad to enjoy the fantastic ad personally. What you need to do is download the iPad version of the SI and then place it under the magazine page where you find the Lexus ES ad. Now dim the lights and see what happens.

The lifeless, boring, and usual print ad comes to life. The ad dances on the page providing a great visceral experience everyone can enjoy.

If you are too lazy to get a copy of the SI or if you are not a fan of the iPad, then scroll below where you will find the Lexus ES ad, yes, moving on the page of a printed magazine:

Lexus News: 2014 IS geared to get revolutinary styling

2014-Lexus-ISLexus is tring to rejuvenate its range by introducing bolder design lines and giving their offerings a dose of sporty attitude. This was made clear with the GS and the ES range that both look swave in their latest architectures, setting them apart by a lightyear from their dull older selves.

Recent reports say that the top of the line LS sedan will have a redesign. This should also be true for the IS range. The new Lexus IS is set to make a debut by next year before going on sale by 2014.

Earlier rumors speculate that the new IS will get inspirations from its cousins the GT 86 by Toyota, BRZ by Subaru, and the FR-S by Scion. Sharing the platform with these vehicles will mean that the car manufacturer will be spreading the development costs and possibilities for the new coupe version of the IS and a convertible. Most likely the FR-S and other members of the brood will have a possible convertible option.

The IS might have radical revamp in terms of its exterior styling. Insiders hint that the IS will get a revolutionary design. Lexus might be more daring this time with the IS to compete with brands from Germany and within the U.S., like the Cadillac ATS.

A new look for the grille is expected based on previous teasers that hinted of the entire Lexus lineup. This will be blend well with the new design of the boyd, better aerodynamics, and a more luxurious interior.

The current V-6 of the IS may also get a replacement in the form of a new 4-cylinder powperlant. The IS 350 should be getting the V-6 currently used for the GS 350 that outputs 306 horses. There will also be other models like the new IS F and the new hybrid. It is not clear whether the new IS F will depend on a new V-6 or retain the V-8.

First Lexus Nurburgring LFA to be Transported to the US

the-first-lexus-lfa-nurburgring-edition-to-land-in-the-usThe much-coveted Lexus Nurburgring LFA is about to land in the USA. The identity of the owner has not been revealed, but at this moment, he is considered luckier than everyone else in the country. The Lexus vehicle is armed with the Nurburgring Package which makes it stealthier, more powerful, and faster than the other models bearing the same brand name. There are also only a few Lexus LFA model available with this package so it’s certainly one of the most valuable cars to be imported into the country this year.

While the Nurburgring Package shows a car in orange, this vehicle was ordered in white. There was also a carbon roof installed which is a deviation from the standard design. Still, the Lexus gem is as handsome as ever. The photos you’ll see circulating the Internet are all taken from the product’s delivery to the country.

You might also find the interiors of the car quite interesting. While the exterior is in white with black markings, the interior is in pure red. It’s a great design decision on the new owner’s part because the car appears to have an even stronger personality compared to its standard counterparts.

It is known that the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition is one of the fastest production cars today. It is aptly named after the Nurburgring race track. The Nurburgring Package upgrade costs an extra $70,000, and this is a pretty big price tag. The standard Lexus LFA, without these trimmings, already costs $375,000. It sports a roaring 4.8-liter V-10, and could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.7 seconds.  The top speed of the car is 202 mph.

For certain, this wasn’t made for practical, city driving. Whoever ordered the Nurburgring Edition of the Lexus LFA must be a very rich and powerful man. He probably also owns his own race track because he won’t be able to test the full features of this car on the city highway.

Lexus LF-LC Sport Concept wins design award in Detroit

2012-lexus-lf-lc-sport-coupe-conceptThe design team of Lexus in California who worked on the hybrid coupe concept LF-LC Sport can now relax and enjoy a bit of the big success of the vehicle as it wins the best concept EyeOn Design recognition at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The Lexus LF-LC blends perfectly in its design lines organic shapes and advanced technology to link the driver and the machine. The big bosses in Japan actually told the designers in Newport Beach to start with a blank paper but it is hard not to notice the similarities of the concept coupe with the Lexus LFA.

While the concept vehicle will not roll out into production, it is a clear indication what kinds of Lexus vehicles we are going to see in the near future. The design of the grille for example on the LF-LC has already been implemented for the 2013 GS 350.

Toyota was a bit vague when they were asked about the drive train of the LF-LC since it will not be going to production. They are only saying that it is a hybrid. And for the purpose of the LF-LC we are not sure if being a hybrid means returning a really good fuel efficiency or if hybrid technology here was used to pushed in better performance.

The interior is all about form and function. Enter and you will see on the center not a switch or a a knob but everything is controlled via touch screen thru the 12.3in LCD. This was purposely done to lower driver distraction . The materials are mostly wood and leather which clearly suggests that there are still the elements which defines luxury today and which might still be the case in the future.

The LF-LC will not be hitting the showrooms as a production car but expect that it will be making rounds to the different car shows this year.

If you like a Lexus, you like a Toyota. The same hybrid technology, the same reliability - just the different toyota dealerships.

Lexus unveils CT 200h F-Sport

2012-Lexus-CT-200h-F-Sport-Special-Edition-PictureLexus unwraps a beautiful package in the form of the CT 200h F-Sport which boasts of revised design lines and better handling. The vital change on this premium compact is the suspension system to make the ride smoother with a more engaging experience.

Lexus addressed the criticisms that were thrown the way of their CT 200h SE-L with the bulk pointing to a disconnected driving feel. The F-Sport released of the 200h now comes with a lateral damping setup that comes as standard. This lateral dampers act to decrease the vibrations which leads to a more comfortable ride and better steering feel.

The engineers at Lexu also changed the rates of the coil spring and replaecd the shock absorbers by Showa with Kayaba dampers to give he CT 200h F-Sport with a more aggressive orientation.

The CT 200h F-Sport also gets a big rear spoiler, redesigned side skirts which are more flared, a mesh grille in front, reworked bumpers, and it rolls on 17 inch alloy rims.

The F-Sport derives its DNA from the 200h SE-L trim but packs in a ton of improvement like leather upholstery, cruise control, electric adjustment for the driver seat, heated seats in front, auto dimming, parking cameras, and retractable side mirrors.

The F-Sport will also make use of the 4-cylinder 1.8L petrol engine with a peak output of 98 bhp on a transverse configuration just like its other siblings on the CT200h range. This gas engine has on its sides the hybrid transaxle that transfers power to the wheels in front which has the electric motors giving out 81 bhp.

Lexus unwraps GS 450h at Frankfurt Auto Show

Following on the momentum of the launched of the 2013 GS 350 last month, Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus unveils the 2013 hybrid GS 450h. Just like the GS350, the GS 450h gets a new cabin and sheet metal plus its hybrid drive has been upgraded and extensively revised. The Lexus GS 450h is expected to go on sale early next year in the U.S.

The new hybrid system used by Lexus for the 2013 S 450H has a V6 Atkinson-cycle engine that runs on gas and a pair of electric motors for the rear wheels. This revised hybrid system achieved better fuel mileage and emission reduction while giving out a performance similar to a V8 gas engine.

Like the recently released GS 350, Toyota reworked the chassis of the GS 450h which improved the driving dynamics of the car with technologies like DRS or Dynamic Rear Steering and AVS or Active Variable Suspension.

The interior of the car makes use of different interfaces for the driver for safety, alertness, and comfortable ride.

Lexus also makes use of the Dynamic Handling System for the GS 450h that intergrates the DRS, AVS, steering with variable gear-ratio, and VDIM or Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management. Buyers will also benefit from the LKA or Lane Keep Assist, blind spot monitor, a head up display, Night View, and pre-crash safety technology.

Lexus set to launch RX hybrid spawned from RAV4

Lexus is set to unveil a baby brother of their successful hybrid crossover the RX450h. The new vehicled dubbed as the CX 300h, according to sources, will be based on the Toyota RAV4 so most likely it will also be marketed in North America.

The RAV4 currently has no hybrid model but if Lexus will be doing the CX 300h then most likely we will hear of a RAV4 version in time. If the tandem hybrids will come, it will mimic the tandem of the bigger Hybrid Toyota Highlander ad the RX 450h of the Lexus which share a common platform.

The RAV4 might have a fully electric version to be launched by next year. This electric vehicle will be worked on by the team of Tesla and was first unwrapped at the Los Angelese motor show back in 2010.

The upcoming Lexus CX 300h is set to meet head on with the crossovers of other premium brands like the X1 of BMW, Q3 of BMW, the EX from Infiniti, and the SRX by Cadillac.

Experts assume that the CX 300h hybrid might use an engine that is bigger than the 2.5L four that is utilized for the Hybrid Synergy system for the hybrid Camry and the HS 250h.

The smaller crossover on a hybrid system will boost the presence of Lexus in the market in addition to the RX crossover that they have for the US market.

Lexus leads luxury sales in the U.S. based on October stats; BMW closing in based on November performance

p19 LexusLexus is on top of the luxury car sales charts in the United States besting Mercedes-Benz and BMW for the month of October. The luxury line of Japanese carmaker Toyota attributes the boost in sales to the consumer discount programs that they are currently implementing. This is the first time for Lexus to regain leadership since May.

The numbers of Lexus rose by 8.1% translating to 21,091 units compared to BMW’s 17% growth or 19,272 vehicles and Mercedes’ 1% or 18,351 units.

Lexus has been the consistent leader on the boards since 2000 but has been suffering due to the massive vehicle recalls while BMW and Mercedes-Benz has been enjoying the benefits of launching their new models. According to some reports, Lexus has increased the consumer incentives to around $2,152 per vehicle in October compared to $923 in the same period back in 2009. These numbers do not include the non-luxury vehicle deliveries.

The luxury arm of Toyota has been very aggressive recently to be back from the sideline and compete again with BMW and Mercedes. Lexus reports total US sales of 183,529 units from January through October of this year versus 178,080 of Mercedes and BMW who leads globally at 176,736.

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Video: Lexus LFA shatters champagne flute glass in latest market pitch

We have not heard a lot about the about the carbon fiber genius Lexus LFA after the supercar from Toyota hit the autoworld last year. It seems the Japanese carmaker prepared something behind the walls for its latest market push for the Lexus LFA.

In its latest commercial, the Lexus LFA uses its V10 engine to shatter a champagne glass. The commercial was shot in a very modern studio and involved not only directors but physicists who determined the right glass for the ad.

It was pure science as the video below will show. Plus some drama, of course.

No camera tricks were used only microphones in the studio were set up to focus the precision sound of the Lexus LFA. The engine was started and the wheels of the supercar turned the dynamometer. It goes to 150, 170, beyond 200, then bang, the glass shatters and goes to the recycling bin.

YouTube Preview Image

The Japanese luxury brand worked with engineers to improve the acoustics of the 4.8L engine of the LFA by tuning the different segments of its exhaust system. Safe to say, the LFA roars like not other car on the streets.

If you want a sound like this on you cellphone, Lexus gives away for free an LFA ringtone. Just go to lexus-lfa website and click on Digital Premium.

Lexus plans to release wagon variant of the IS

Luxury carmaker Lexus is set to introduce a wagon variant of the new Lexus IS. The company is also considering to make the entire model range as hybrid only vehicles.

The wagon for some time has lost its appeal but it is back in business now at least partially. In the United States, studies show that consumers are starting to value the functionality of the wagon again and are starting to veer away from gas guzzling SUVs. Lexus wants to capitalize on this trend thus the estate IS.

The Japanese carmaker takes note that the C Class of Mercedes-Benz and the 3-Series of the BMW are set to launch their third edition by 2011. The current model of the IS which was rolled out in 2005 has not been made available as a wagon. The move to produce a wagon will help the brand compete in Europe.

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