Lexus to unveil 2011 CT 200h in Geneva

2011 Lexus CT 200hWith just a week to go, Lexus disclosed that they will pull the cover off an entry level unit, the 2011 CT 200h during the Geneva Motor Show. A teaser shot was released just to keep everyone drooling.

The Lexus CT 200h will take the form of a hatchback and will use similar lines to the concept car Lexus LF-Ch which was just unveiled a few months ago.

Lexus explains that the CT 200h is a car designed for those who want to be more responsible and lower their emissions but who will not compromise their standards. The new member of the Lexus garage will be the first full hybrid compact to be offered in the premium market. The drive system of the car will take its cues from the set up utilized for the LS 600h, RX 450h, and the GS 450h.

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2010 GS 450h from Lexus makes official debut in Frankfurt

Lexus formally unleashes to the public the revised 2010 GS 450h during the recent auto show in Frankfurt while competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are tying to catch up with their own hybrid offerings. The GS 450h will soon hit car dealerships as a 2010 model.

The GS 450H 2010 model still sports the hybrid motor in combo with the V6 3.5L engine capable of giving out 340 horsepower. The fuel mileage is excellent with 25 mpg while on the highway and 22 mpg during city driving.

The new GS 450h gets some fine tuning for its exterior design lines and gives some color options available for car buyers. Lexus also injects some interior trim updates. Safety features like the Pre-Crash system also gets some tweaking. The navigation and entertainment system also received some upgrades.

GS 450h Lexus

The exterior aesthetics are not really that major. The designers changed the front grille and put emphasis on the hybrid blue logo. The tail lights are also now covered with clear lenses. The SE-L line has an option for an 18-inch alloy rim. The insides get a Venaro Grey leather treatment while the start-stop button gets the blue backlight to be consistent with the hybrid color concept.

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Lexus and their Green Cars

Car owners all over the world are looking for means to reduce the pollution emitted by their cars. The CO2 emissions create great damage to the environment and it is keeping this in mind that owners are searching for green cars. The owners of Lexus cars are a proud lot and they too look forward to green cars that are manufactured by their favorite manufacturers. Keeping their loyal customers in mind Lexus, the automotive giant is also producing green cars that are environment friendly.

One of such green and environment friendly cars from the stables of Lexus division of Toyota is the 2008 Lexus LS 600h L. this car has a combination of a brand new 5 liter gasoline direct injection V8. It also boasts of high output capable electric motors and a battery pack that has been redesigned from scratch to make it capable of delivering horsepower in excess of 430. It is expected by Lexus that this vehicle will earn a SULEV (super ultra low emission vehicle).

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Lexus expands its F-Sport Performance models at Chicago auto show

Lexus unveiled its F-Sport Performance Accessory models last spring with IS 350 and IS 250. Last Wednesday, they declared that additional parts in the aid of GS, of the new IS C convertible lines and the all-wheel-drive IS 250 at the auto show in Chicago.

lexus is 250c

Models of the cars furnished with the future products are on exhibit at the said show, with their own Lexus stand.

The Lexus IS 350 in considered to have an improved performance and style on the first line of the IS sports car. It has strong V6 engine, quick reflexes, uncompromising exterior style and contains the latest gadgets. Meanwhile, the Lexus IS 250 is packed with V6 engine also, and releases a generous amount of 205 horsepower and with an all-aluminum convertible top. IS 250 has also climate control airflow system that is sensitive on speed.

lexus IS 250c

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Lexus HS 250h: Lexus’ First Dedicated Hybrid

The HS 250h, Lexus’ first and highly devoted hybrid car, joined fellow hybrids GS and LS sedans, and RX SUV in its hybrid line-up when it was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.

Hoping to conquer an untapped market, Lexus follows through a recent research that reveals 60 percent of novice luxury car buyers would purchase a hybrid. There were rumors that the Lexus hybrid will undoubtedly be founded on the Prius, but Lexus spokesman Greg Thome said that the HS 250h more likely connects to the Toyota Avensis that is being sold in Europe.

Lexus HS 250h 1

Lexus HS 250h boasts of a 2.4-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder with a total of 187 hp. The Lexus new hybrid is expected to exceed the RX 400h fuel efficiency status by more than 30 percent. The HS 250h is the first Lexus model with a four-cylinder engine.

Lexus HS 250h 1

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Lexus RX Gets More than a Facelift

The new generation Lexus RX proves that point that it went beyond a facelift despite looking similar to its older predecessor. It will give anyone a luxury ride without the truck experience but will all the style that one can think of.

The interior was purposely designed with a bigger volume to provide more space for the occupants head m shoulders, hips, and knee. It spells comfort with all the space provided.

2010 LEXUS RX 350

The designers made sure that the interiors make an impression sporting the seats with buttery leather. They are specially designed to help occupants with potential long drives.

The gauges are very easy to see and read so the driver will have a perfect idea of the condition of the car. The car also is equipped with Remote Touch technology which utilizes center mounted controls that are easy to reach for the driver and adjust the devices of the car. This replaces the touch screen mode used on the predecessor of the new 2010 RX Vehicles.

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Lexus Car History

Driving a famous brand is one thing, loving your car is yet another thing, but having a bit of knowledge about the car you are driving is a different ball game altogether. The owners of the famous Lexus car, a Japanese brand name that Toyota Motor Corporation uses for some of its exports, are no different. Hardly few of them know about the history of this car. The birth of Lexus was due to the success achieved by the Toyota Supra, a sports car along with the luxury model, Toyota Cressida. Both these cars were rear wheel drive cars which employed the powerful 7M-GE/7M-GTE engine.

Then again, there are few who know that the Lexus Marque was initially launched in U.S. in the year 1989 and was later launched in Australia and UK in 1990. There are some schools of opinion who believe that the name `Lexus’ stands for Luxury Edition for the United States. Some others believe that the name Lexus was suggested to the company by the agency, Hunter Communications, which had designed the “L” shaped logo used in these cars.

Owners of the Lexus cars will be surprised to know that the legendary movie director, Steven Spielberg, is himself a devoted fan of this car and also owns a LX470. He had requested the manufacturers of Lexus to design a special vehicle having futuristic looks of the year 2054 which was to be used in his movie “Minority Report”…

Lexus Car Insurance

Most car owners do not bother to insure their cars and the owners of Lexus cars are no different. They have shelled out a good sum of money to purchase their dream car and are confident in the knowledge that nothing will happen with their car. Suddenly when their car meets with an accident, and it might not be their fault, they are left with no other options apart from paying out a princely sum of money to get their Lexus car restored.

In certain cases the accident is so massive that it might even injure the driver seriously and this entails huge expenses in the form of medical bills, which are increasing every year. To avoid all these hassles one should play it safe and get their Lexus cars insured. You might ask any friend, relative or neighbor who also owns a Lexus car and ask them about the best car insurance agent.

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2010 RX Vehicles of Lexus, Others to be Unveiled

The Los Angeles Auto Show will stage a lot of surprises from leading car manufacturers including Lexus which will formally unveil the 2010 RX 350 and RX 450h.

Company officials did not reveal much about the cars but just the usual “a notch better than the older generation” line. Leaked pictures of the RX though show that it is longer, wider, and taller than its predecessor. The RX and the hybrid will be offered with excellent safety features, technology, comfort, and luxury. The RX 350 will be released to the market in 2009.

The Lexus 2010 IS convertible will also be welcomed to the North American market during the LA auto show on November 19. The IS 350 and 250C both have 3 panel aluminum roofing which opens in a matter of seconds.

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