Lexus GS 450h

Lexus unwraps GS 450h at Frankfurt Auto Show

Following on the momentum of the launched of the 2013 GS 350 last month, Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus unveils the 2013 hybrid GS 450h. Just like the GS350, the GS 450h gets a new cabin and sheet metal plus its hybrid drive has been upgraded and extensively revised. The Lexus GS 450h is expected to go on sale early next year in the U.S.

The new hybrid system used by Lexus for the 2013 S 450H has a V6 Atkinson-cycle engine that runs on gas and a pair of electric motors for the rear wheels. This revised hybrid system achieved better fuel mileage and emission reduction while giving out a performance similar to a V8 gas engine.

Like the recently released GS 350, Toyota reworked the chassis of the GS 450h which improved the driving dynamics of the car with technologies like DRS or Dynamic Rear Steering and AVS or Active Variable Suspension.

The interior of the car makes use of different interfaces for the driver for safety, alertness, and comfortable ride.

Lexus also makes use of the Dynamic Handling System for the GS 450h that intergrates the DRS, AVS, steering with variable gear-ratio, and VDIM or Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management. Buyers will also benefit from the LKA or Lane Keep Assist, blind spot monitor, a head up display, Night View, and pre-crash safety technology.

2010 GS 450h from Lexus makes official debut in Frankfurt

Lexus formally unleashes to the public the revised 2010 GS 450h during the recent auto show in Frankfurt while competitors like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are tying to catch up with their own hybrid offerings. The GS 450h will soon hit car dealerships as a 2010 model.

The GS 450H 2010 model still sports the hybrid motor in combo with the V6 3.5L engine capable of giving out 340 horsepower. The fuel mileage is excellent with 25 mpg while on the highway and 22 mpg during city driving.

The new GS 450h gets some fine tuning for its exterior design lines and gives some color options available for car buyers. Lexus also injects some interior trim updates. Safety features like the Pre-Crash system also gets some tweaking. The navigation and entertainment system also received some upgrades.

GS 450h Lexus

The exterior aesthetics are not really that major. The designers changed the front grille and put emphasis on the hybrid blue logo. The tail lights are also now covered with clear lenses. The SE-L line has an option for an 18-inch alloy rim. The insides get a Venaro Grey leather treatment while the start-stop button gets the blue backlight to be consistent with the hybrid color concept.