Lexus ES

Magazine ad of Lexus ES comes to life using CinePrint technology

Advertisements take many forms these days with a good dose of marketing tricks. And we really need to admit, they are designed to impress. They are actually pretty cool. We put on spotlight the latest magazine advertorial of the Lexus ES. The brand takes it a step further by making use of CinePrint to give the page a magical touch. The ad can be seen on Sports Illustrated issue dated 15 October.

Now you need the printed version of the magazine and iPad to enjoy the fantastic ad personally. What you need to do is download the iPad version of the SI and then place it under the magazine page where you find the Lexus ES ad. Now dim the lights and see what happens.

The lifeless, boring, and usual print ad comes to life. The ad dances on the page providing a great visceral experience everyone can enjoy.

If you are too lazy to get a copy of the SI or if you are not a fan of the iPad, then scroll below where you will find the Lexus ES ad, yes, moving on the page of a printed magazine: