Lexus Car History

Driving a famous brand is one thing, loving your car is yet another thing, but having a bit of knowledge about the car you are driving is a different ball game altogether. The owners of the famous Lexus car, a Japanese brand name that Toyota Motor Corporation uses for some of its exports, are no different. Hardly few of them know about the history of this car. The birth of Lexus was due to the success achieved by the Toyota Supra, a sports car along with the luxury model, Toyota Cressida. Both these cars were rear wheel drive cars which employed the powerful 7M-GE/7M-GTE engine.

Then again, there are few who know that the Lexus Marque was initially launched in U.S. in the year 1989 and was later launched in Australia and UK in 1990. There are some schools of opinion who believe that the name `Lexus’ stands for Luxury Edition for the United States. Some others believe that the name Lexus was suggested to the company by the agency, Hunter Communications, which had designed the “L” shaped logo used in these cars.

Owners of the Lexus cars will be surprised to know that the legendary movie director, Steven Spielberg, is himself a devoted fan of this car and also owns a LX470. He had requested the manufacturers of Lexus to design a special vehicle having futuristic looks of the year 2054 which was to be used in his movie “Minority Report”…