Ask About Discounts When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes

We all love getting discounts, whether it is 50 percent off a dozen donuts after the morning rush or 10 percent off your total wine purchase if you buy six bottles. And, we all really love getting discounts on big-ticket items, such as auto insurance. Next time you request auto insurance quotes from insurance agents, grill them about all available discounts. You might be surprised at what insurance companies will give you a discount for, including:

Career Groups – Some insurance companies offer discounts to doctors, registered nurses, dentists, teachers, firefighter, police officers and members of the military. When requesting an auto liability insurance quote, be sure to ask about the discount that rewards you simply for going to work each day.

Good Student – If you are younger than 25 and a full-time student in high school or college, your good grades could help you save money. Just ask the insurance agents if good student discounts are available with their policies.

Teen Driver – Many insurance companies reward teen drivers who take a driver safety course. Surprise mom and dad by asking your family’s insurance agent for a teen driver auto liability insurance quote. If your existing insurance company does not offer such a program, really surprise mom and dad and request auto insurance quotes from companies that do.

Hybrids – If you own a hybrid or other alternative-fuel vehicle, odds are you qualify for a discount. Buying a new car also gives you the perfect reason to re-shop your auto insurance. Ask the insurance agents about this discount when requesting an auto liability insurance quote.

Accident Free – Simply not using your insurance can earn you a discount with some insurance companies. Those who do offer accident-free discounts have more clients actually purchase the policies for which they give auto insurance quotes. It’s a discount customers highly value.

Multi Car – An oldie but a goodie, don’t forget to ask the insurance agents if you will save money by insuring more than one car.

Auto Home – Again, consider throwing more business the insurance company’s way if it means saving money on your insurance needs as a whole. When you request auto insurance quotes, ask for a homeowner’s insurance quote as well.

Air Bags – All newer cars come complete with air bags, so this discount is a no-brainer for owners of new cars. Insurance agents should automatically add this discount to your auto liability insurance quote but if they don’t, don’t hesitate to mention it.

New Parents – Not only does a new baby bring joy into your life – and dirty diapers – she also can save you money on car insurance through certain companies.

Most insurance companies allow for multiple discounts on a policy, so be pushy when negotiating auto insurance quotes. The worst thing that can happen is that the insurance agents will say no. Simply move on to the next until you find the insurance company that offers the most discounts for your situation.