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Lexus set to launch RX hybrid spawned from RAV4

Lexus is set to unveil a baby brother of their successful hybrid crossover the RX450h. The new vehicled dubbed as the CX 300h, according to sources, will be based on the Toyota RAV4 so most likely it will also be marketed in North America.

The RAV4 currently has no hybrid model but if Lexus will be doing the CX 300h then most likely we will hear of a RAV4 version in time. If the tandem hybrids will come, it will mimic the tandem of the bigger Hybrid Toyota Highlander ad the RX 450h of the Lexus which share a common platform.

The RAV4 might have a fully electric version to be launched by next year. This electric vehicle will be worked on by the team of Tesla and was first unwrapped at the Los Angelese motor show back in 2010.

The upcoming Lexus CX 300h is set to meet head on with the crossovers of other premium brands like the X1 of BMW, Q3 of BMW, the EX from Infiniti, and the SRX by Cadillac.

Experts assume that the CX 300h hybrid might use an engine that is bigger than the 2.5L four that is utilized for the Hybrid Synergy system for the hybrid Camry and the HS 250h.

The smaller crossover on a hybrid system will boost the presence of Lexus in the market in addition to the RX crossover that they have for the US market.

Lexus leads luxury sales in the U.S. based on October stats; BMW closing in based on November performance

p19 LexusLexus is on top of the luxury car sales charts in the United States besting Mercedes-Benz and BMW for the month of October. The luxury line of Japanese carmaker Toyota attributes the boost in sales to the consumer discount programs that they are currently implementing. This is the first time for Lexus to regain leadership since May.

The numbers of Lexus rose by 8.1% translating to 21,091 units compared to BMW’s 17% growth or 19,272 vehicles and Mercedes’ 1% or 18,351 units.

Lexus has been the consistent leader on the boards since 2000 but has been suffering due to the massive vehicle recalls while BMW and Mercedes-Benz has been enjoying the benefits of launching their new models. According to some reports, Lexus has increased the consumer incentives to around $2,152 per vehicle in October compared to $923 in the same period back in 2009. These numbers do not include the non-luxury vehicle deliveries.

The luxury arm of Toyota has been very aggressive recently to be back from the sideline and compete again with BMW and Mercedes. Lexus reports total US sales of 183,529 units from January through October of this year versus 178,080 of Mercedes and BMW who leads globally at 176,736.


Video: Lexus LFA shatters champagne flute glass in latest market pitch

We have not heard a lot about the about the carbon fiber genius Lexus LFA after the supercar from Toyota hit the autoworld last year. It seems the Japanese carmaker prepared something behind the walls for its latest market push for the Lexus LFA.

In its latest commercial, the Lexus LFA uses its V10 engine to shatter a champagne glass. The commercial was shot in a very modern studio and involved not only directors but physicists who determined the right glass for the ad.

It was pure science as the video below will show. Plus some drama, of course.

No camera tricks were used only microphones in the studio were set up to focus the precision sound of the Lexus LFA. The engine was started and the wheels of the supercar turned the dynamometer. It goes to 150, 170, beyond 200, then bang, the glass shatters and goes to the recycling bin.

YouTube Preview Image

The Japanese luxury brand worked with engineers to improve the acoustics of the 4.8L engine of the LFA by tuning the different segments of its exhaust system. Safe to say, the LFA roars like not other car on the streets.

If you want a sound like this on you cellphone, Lexus gives away for free an LFA ringtone. Just go to lexus-lfa website and click on Digital Premium.