Video: Lexus LFA shatters champagne flute glass in latest market pitch

We have not heard a lot about the about the carbon fiber genius Lexus LFA after the supercar from Toyota hit the autoworld last year. It seems the Japanese carmaker prepared something behind the walls for its latest market push for the Lexus LFA.

In its latest commercial, the Lexus LFA uses its V10 engine to shatter a champagne glass. The commercial was shot in a very modern studio and involved not only directors but physicists who determined the right glass for the ad.

It was pure science as the video below will show. Plus some drama, of course.

No camera tricks were used only microphones in the studio were set up to focus the precision sound of the Lexus LFA. The engine was started and the wheels of the supercar turned the dynamometer. It goes to 150, 170, beyond 200, then bang, the glass shatters and goes to the recycling bin.

YouTube Preview Image

The Japanese luxury brand worked with engineers to improve the acoustics of the 4.8L engine of the LFA by tuning the different segments of its exhaust system. Safe to say, the LFA roars like not other car on the streets.

If you want a sound like this on you cellphone, Lexus gives away for free an LFA ringtone. Just go to lexus-lfa website and click on Digital Premium.

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