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Lexus and their Green Cars

Car owners all over the world are looking for means to reduce the pollution emitted by their cars. The CO2 emissions create great damage to the environment and it is keeping this in mind that owners are searching for green cars. The owners of Lexus cars are a proud lot and they too look forward to green cars that are manufactured by their favorite manufacturers. Keeping their loyal customers in mind Lexus, the automotive giant is also producing green cars that are environment friendly.

One of such green and environment friendly cars from the stables of Lexus division of Toyota is the 2008 Lexus LS 600h L. this car has a combination of a brand new 5 liter gasoline direct injection V8. It also boasts of high output capable electric motors and a battery pack that has been redesigned from scratch to make it capable of delivering horsepower in excess of 430. It is expected by Lexus that this vehicle will earn a SULEV (super ultra low emission vehicle).