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Lexus RX Gets More than a Facelift

The new generation Lexus RX proves that point that it went beyond a facelift despite looking similar to its older predecessor. It will give anyone a luxury ride without the truck experience but will all the style that one can think of.

The interior was purposely designed with a bigger volume to provide more space for the occupants head m shoulders, hips, and knee. It spells comfort with all the space provided.

2010 LEXUS RX 350

The designers made sure that the interiors make an impression sporting the seats with buttery leather. They are specially designed to help occupants with potential long drives.

The gauges are very easy to see and read so the driver will have a perfect idea of the condition of the car. The car also is equipped with Remote Touch technology which utilizes center mounted controls that are easy to reach for the driver and adjust the devices of the car. This replaces the touch screen mode used on the predecessor of the new 2010 RX Vehicles.